Why Choose Clouduka

mobile shopping experience
  • Store Fronts: An online storefront is a website that enables visitors to find, order and pay for products and services. This is especially helpful for a small business or virtual company that wants to do business on an international level without requiring an actual physical storefront or full staff.

  • Manage Everything: We help you automatically manage everything using a single dashboard. Add products, edit descriptions, change prices and remove products with ease.

  • Marketing: We drive traffic to your store by doing targeted ads that will help you reach a wider market.

  • Automated Onboarding: We enable you to add product images and prices on your pre-built storefront and get you ready to sell in minutes.

  • Packaging:We supply quality ClouDuka branded packaging that is environmental friendly and affordable, to impress your customers.

  • Delivery: We help you deliver your products safely and affordably with our verified delivery partners. ClouDuka is certain to not just deliver products, but to deliver an amazing customer experience.